Forest Sylph

I began working with Savannah Hubbard photographically in 2019. I shared with her my interest in Pictorialism, a photographic movement of the late 19th and early 20th century aimed at advancing photography and characterized by dream-like images, often in nature, aiming to reach the viewer aesthetically. She and I also looked at elegant vintage black and white studio photos of Ziegfeld dancers, acrobats, Folies Bergères artists and models from the Belle Epoque and Pictorialist eras.

This shoot, “Forest Sylph,” was photographed in July 2019 in Floral City, Florida on Savannah’s family farm, Wonderfield. We jointly prop styled, Savannah selected clothes and little guidance was given the model: Savannah manifested our vision more than could have been directed.

Pictorialism was an early movement concerned with image manipulation, achieving results in the darkroom that can be achieved in Photoshop today. While the final images here are akin to those of the era in setting, tone and theme, unlike Pictorialist photos, they aim to capture the ethereal via formal composition and mood rather than post-production device.

“We are invoking something in the person looking at the picture, inspiring the soul, inspiring inspiration for someone’s own creative endeavors.” – Savannah

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