“Dress” series continued

Here are photos from the second session of “Dress,” which  took place in Miami Beach on March 21st. Please see the January 26th post “rehearsal for the Dress series” for more information. 

For this session, I worked with hair and makeup artist Lili Sm of Lovestory Makeup & Hair. Where makeup is concerned, I have felt it is outside my professional repertoire to precisely define the look. Though I offer recommendations and requests (in this instance something colorful and a bit weird, not unlike the work for the prior shoot), the look has been, in both instances, the makeup artist’s interpretation.

Though some of the pieces seen here were acquired solely for the purpose of this series, also included are ones for daily wear. 

I pursued this sartorial era (ranging from the 1940’s through 70’s but with an emphasis on silhouettes contemporary to the “Space Age”) because of its classic simplicity. Though they are from the past, these garments feel contemporary; They are not incongruent with current styles and any one of them could or might be made today.

Most of these dresses were acquired on ebay and some required tailoring. To that end, I worked with Carolyn Finlayson’s Sew On Set Tailors. When I am not sure precisely where to go with certain aspects of a dress, I refer to the discretion of the seamstress/stylist. 

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