dress series (self-portraits)

Dress features 1960’s and 50’s garments first acquired to celebrate having emerged from aspects of depression after a recent move from New York to Miami where the example and friendship of people helped break old patterns. Nineteen-sixties fashion advertisements and 20th century studio photography are references for modeling, but most poses are the result of free-form experimentation.

Some dresses have a label, others do not, and several are handmade. Photos are titled according to the information remaining on the garment pictured. Most were found on ebay, and Caroline of Sew On Set Tailors tailored those which needed a better fit.

For each session, I worked with hair & makeup artists. The hairstyles are specific requests. The makeup is the artists’ answer to my wish for a futuristic look. 

Two photos here include a cane and sunglasses, objects included in the spirit of the work of Malian photographer Seido Keita whose sitters often brought favored material items to include in their portraits.

hair & makeup: 

Lili Sm/Lovestory Makeup: images 1-2
Alan Rowe Kelly: images 3-8


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